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  The main parameters:

  Rated load: 100kg


  The size of the trolley:720 mm × 660 mm × 990mm (L×W×H)

  Nesting distance: 220mm

  The main specification:

  Trolley Body :High Strength Aluminum Alloy(6063-T5)/Surface anodic oxidation(Sandy surface)

  Trolley Wheels:2 set of swiel caster/Wheels are Natural rubber、Diameter of 125mm/Bracket:Q235、Galvanization.

                 2 sets of fixed caster/Wheels are Natural rubber、Diameter of 200mm

  Trolley Basket: Steel: Q235/470mm×220mm×150mm/Surface dusting Or Steel:Q235、Chrome-plate

                         Or Stainless Steel、Surface electrochemical polishing

  Ad Plate: PP/Ad plate of the frame: 470mm×455mm

  Joints: PA、PP

  The main features:

  1. Configuration of round shape anti-pinch joints, safety and practicality. Patent No.: ZL 200920087717.9.

  2. Configuration of multi-function pins. Patent No.: ZL 200520098908.7.

  3. Have duty guide support is flexibility and durability.

  4. Equipped with automatic braking system, reliable performance.

  5. Accompanied by special plastic parts with metal handle, feel comfortable.

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