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  The main parameter:

  Rated load : 80kg


  The dimension of trolley: 740mm×530mm×1030mm(L×W×H)

  Nesting distance: 190mm

  The main specification:

  Trolley Body is made of high strength aluminum Alloy(6063-T5)/ the surface is treated with anodic oxidation for brightness.

  Trolley Wheels:4 sets of guide wheel /Wheels are TPR、Diameter of 125mm/Bracket:Q235、chrome-plate.

  Trolley Basket: Stainless Steel/360mm×400mm×360mm / the surface is treated with electrochemical polishing/Or Steel Q235/chrome-plate

  Ad Plate: PP/at the back of the basket 360mm×260mm 、at the side of the basket 400mm×400mm×500mm

  Connection: PA、PP

  The main features:

  1、 The trolley is designed with the streamline style in good shape and smooth appearance.

  2、 The handle and frame are designed together, the structure is simple and durable to use.

  3、 Equipped with rod swivel guide wheels for stable and flexible moving.

  4、 The special plastic handle on the new basket makes it more comfortable to use.

  5、 Design Patent Number.: ZL 2006 3 0024849.9

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